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Growing international interest in nuclear fusion and scientific progress made in recent years creates opportunities for the Dutch industry and academia. To seize these opportunities effectively and efficiently, you are invited to the first edition of the Dutch Fusion Day. We will get acquainted with each other, be inspired by examples from abroad, set scientific priorities and explore funding options.


30 min.

Arrivals and registration

2 hours

Scientific morning programme

Presentations and panel discussion by:

  • Dr. Josefine Proll, Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Dr. Sven Wiesen, DIFFER
  • Prof. dr. Behnam Taebi, Delft University of Technology
  • Prof. dr. Hans van Oort, University of Twente
  • Dr. Erik Offerman, Delft University of Technology

The panel discussion will be led by DIFFER director prof. dr. Marco de Baar.

1 hour

Networking lunch and arrivals and registration for afternoon programme

3.5 hours

Afternoon programme 

Part I: Looking outwards

  • Ambrogio Fasoli, Programme Manager EUROfusion
  • Cyrille Mai Thanh, director for the EU of Fusion Industry Association
  • Valerie Jamieson, development manager of UKAEA The Fusion Cluster
  • Matthew Smith, senior consultant at Trinomics

The presentations will be followed by an interactive poll with the audience.


 Networking break (45 minutes)


Part II: Looking inwards 

  • Benjamin Perier, Market Analysis Group Leader Fusion for Energy
  • Milena Roveda, CEO Gauss fusion
  • Paul Hieltjes, ILO-net
  • Jelle Stronks, Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science
  • Patrick Schelvis, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy
  • Robbelien Kooistra, Institute organisation of NWO (NWO-I)

The presentations of Benjamin Perier and Milena Roveda will be followed by an interview with the other contributors. The programme will be ended with an interactive poll with the audience. 

1 hour

Drinks and optional tour of the research facilities at DIFFER



De Zaale 20
5612 AJ Eindhoven
The Netherlands

Overview Dutch Fusion Day 2024

Look back at the first edition of the Dutch Fusion Day.